Praise for Let’s Talk Podcasting


“Amanda’s approach to storytelling and podcast production is passionate and clear and that comes across in spades in Let’s Talk Podcasting. She speaks to you at eye-level and if you have any inkling to create a podcast yourself, you’ll be glad you have her voice in your head and this book in your hand.”

Paula Brancati
Producer/Actor, Co-Owner of BrancSeater Productions


“Along with tips and tricks to mastering the process, I loved the section on how Amanda did it all herself, with personal advice and helpful anecdotes tied to her critical and commercial success in this space. Affordable and portable, I highly recommended Amanda Cupido’s Let’s Talk Podcasting.

Host & Producer of the Tech it Out podcast


“From choosing a format to selecting equipment, creating a script, and promoting your show, Amanda gives you the info you need to get on the air. She brings the same expertise and energy to this book as she does to her classes. You, too, can create a successful podcast!”

Chair, School of Media
Seneca College


“Podcasting is a phenomenal way to target and engage an audience. [Cupido] outlines how to produce content — explore ideas, tell stories and conduct interviews — that can entertain and engage your listeners.”

Chair, School of Journalism,
Ryerson University